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Take a look at some of my personal projects, and professional work I've been involved in below.

Your indispensable guide to exploring the world’s best food and drink experiences.


A react & redux application, styled with tailwind css, that makes use of the pokeapi to fetch and view pokemon information. This is a great showcase of foundational front-end skills.

A global innovator of chemical dosing solutions for countless applications within the cleaning & hygiene and water-treatment industries.

Advanced List Application

Building upon an originally simpler to-do list app, this project now allows a user to create, read, update and delete multiple lists. Built with react & redux, all list data gets saved to local storage for future access making this a useful app that I use on a daily basis.

Quick Quiz

A quiz application built in React making use of an api for a wide range of categories, questions and difficulty options.

A company that delivers turnkey capital projects for clients in Food, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Hi-Tech Manufacturing and Mega Sheds.

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